The project

† St. Mark library of the Coptic Orthodox Church is a dream that is starting to come true It will be one of the most organized church libraries in the world as it will take advantage of experiences in libraries, presentation methods and designs.
† It will be a model of electronic libraries whose manuscripts will be accessible through the Internet and available to all researchers in the world.
† It will be a rich library in spite of the significant losses of manuscripts over time. There still are over 4000 manuscripts and thousands of rare books ready to be placed in the new library. The acquisition committee is working to acquire a copy of every Coptic manuscript in the libraries of the world.
† His Holiness Pope Shenouda III has dedicated 3-4 floors in the new modern building in Amba Rewis "see picture on page 1)

The special committees are already at work and meeting regularly to realize the following program:
† Completion of the new Patriarchate services building ,
† The completion and interior design of the floors designated to the Coptic Public Library.
† The design and implementation of the facilities necessary to house the manuscripts, texts, electronic versions, and periodicals.
† Design of the reading rooms and the research facilities including advanced communication and research systems and computers.
† Support the restoration of the valuable manuscripts at the Restoration Center of the Monastery of St. Mina monastery.
† Identification and support of trained librarians and curators.
† Installation of appropriate software systems for the management of the Library.
† Identification and procurement of electronic copies of the Coptic manuscripts and treasures which are available in the world museums and libraries.
† The establishment of an endowment fund for the continuity of the mission of the Patriarchal Library.

These necessary and essential goals will be reached by the Grace of God and the support and prayers of Copts in Egypt and throughout the world, together with all those
people of good will who cherish the vibrant history and future of the
Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria.